Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP)

Starting from September 1, 2006, overseas nurses aiming to register with the NMC must complete a 20-day protected learning program to become familiar with UK nursing practices. Additionally, the NMC may require some applicants to undertake supervised practice in an audited institution approved by an education provider endorsed by the NMC.

Common Questions:

1. Why is the Overseas Nursing Program (ONP) introduced?

The NMC introduced ONP to standardise the quality of supervised practice, as past training quality varied. ONP ensures a consistently high standard for NMC registration applicants.

2. Who is eligible for ONP?

All overseas applicants (except those from EEA States) with an assessment letter dated from September 1, 2005, must enrol in the new ONP.

3. What qualifications are needed for ONP training?

Candidates need confirmation from the Nursing & Midwifery Council acknowledging their eligibility. They must also have a supervised practice placement and meet specific criteria.

4. Does the approved educational institution control the program?

Approved educational institutions collaborate with service providers to deliver ONP. The 20-day learning period can be undertaken in practice settings or approved educational institutions, with independent settings affiliated with educational institutions.

5. Where can overseas nurses undergo supervised practice?

Placement locations depend on the NMC's assessment letter. Some candidates may need additional training in specific areas. Approved educational institutions determine the suitability of clinical environments in partnership with service providers.

6. Are nursing homes acceptable for placements?

Nursing home placements are acceptable if they meet the requirements within the approved educational institution's partnership framework and are audited by the same institution approved to run ONP.

7. What qualifications are required for a mentor?

Mentors must be in the same part of the register as the overseas trained nurse and meet NMC standards for mentors.

8.What is the employment status during ONP?

Overseas-trained nurses are supernumerary during the 20-day protected learning period. They may be employed during the supervised practice part of the program.
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