Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.aidmark.co.uk/new.


Aidmark Immigration is committed to privacy for everyone who accesses the site. Under the Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998, we must comply with certain regulations which are designed to ensure that any data you provide to us is processed with due care and attention.

Who collects this information?
All data collection and storage is done in-house by Aidmark Immigration

How is my information stored?
The data you provide us with is stored on a secure database server and can only be accessed via a coded user ID and password system. We use SQL Server 7 as our database back-end and it is stored outside the web site domain. The site itself sits behind an industry standard firewall.

With whom is my information shared?
We do not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information to any third parties. Consent is always needed from the candidate before we forward your details to a prospective employers, who are clients of Aidmark Immigration. The employer will not be able to contact you directly. We also work closely with Careers Services who in the process of collecting information for their First Destination Surveys may require our help and see who has registered and if they have found work. Again we approach the candidate for consent before it is released. Finally, none of your information can be viewed by other registered candidates.

Making changes to your data
You can revise any information you have provided to Aidmark Immigration or request to be removed from our database by contacting us on 0845 5000 250 or by email info@aidmark.co.uk

How will you communicate to me?
Before we can act on your behalf we need your permission, therefore, we will either call, write or email you with details of the procedures and let you decide.

Once you have instructed Aidmark Immigration to act on your behalf we will post a documents request letter out to you, and by return you post to Aidmark Immigration all the relevant documents required.

Aidmark Immigration returns items by Recorded Delivery, which is not considered as fast or as safe a service as Special Delivery. If you would like Aidmark Immigration to return your passport to you by Special Delivery you must buy a pre-paid A5 or C5 size Special Delivery envelope from the Post Office (cost £4.20) and post this to Aidmark Immigration when sending your original documents to us. (and any other original documents, if applicable). Also please note that the Home Office also use the same postal guidelines as Aidmark Immigration, so if you would like the Home Office to use the Special Delivery service we will require three pA5 or C5 size Special Delivery envelope from the Post Office.

How do we let you know if our policy changes? 
Any policy changes, either due to business reasons or future changes in legislation, will be posted on this page and, if substantial, may be promoted on the website or through e-mail notification.

Data Protection Acts 1984 and 1998 
These are the Acts of Parliament which set out principles relating to the use of data to ensure that the rights of the person who is the subject of the data are protected under the law. You can get general information on Data Protection by clicking here: www.dataprotection.gov.uk

More information
If you do have any further queries about our privacy policy or, for that matter, any other issues about our service, then please do not hesitate to contact us

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Data Protection Registration Number: Z1178555
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